Homeownership is often the primary step for most families to build a true financial legacy and create generational wealth. Owning a home goes beyond the creation of a financial future, however–it offers families stability and an environment that results in better health and educational outcomes.

To support more families in their pursuit of building generational wealth, the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) is rolling out the California Dream For All Shared Appreciation Loan Program for qualified Californians with a specific focus on making sure first-generation homebuyers in traditionally underserved communities know about this opportunity.

Panelists will discuss the program benefits and details, including eligibility, and how to apply for a chance to receive a program voucher.

擁有住房通常是大多數家庭建立真正財產傳承的主要一步並創造世代財富。 擁有一個住房不止是了創造一個財富的未來願景,它也為家庭提供了穩定及一個能帶來健康及良好教育的環境。

為了支持更多家庭追求世代財富,加州住房金融局 (CalHFA) 正在為合乎資格的加州居民推出加州人人夢想,共享增值抵押貸款的計劃,專注於確保第一代購屋者及一路以來缺乏服務的社區了解這個機會。


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