Caregivers and home healthcare workers–predominantly people of color and women–play a pivotal role as the backbone of California’s healthcare system. CalGrows provides comprehensive, free online training for both paid and unpaid caregivers, aiming to equip them with valuable skills and pave the way for new career possibilities.

Eligible paid caregivers stand to benefit significantly, with the potential to earn up to $6,000 in stipends upon successful completion of the training coursework. CalGrows training is available only until August 30. Join us in promoting this valuable opportunity for those who contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape within your communities.

護理人員和家庭醫護人員-主要是有色人種和女性作為加州醫療保健系統的支柱發揮關鍵作用。CalGrows 為有償和無償護理人員提供全面、免費的線上培訓,旨在為他們提供寶貴的技能,並為新的職業生涯的可能性鋪好道路。

符合條件的付費護理人員將受益匪淺,並有可能在成功完成培訓課程後,賺取最高 6,000 美元的津貼。CalGrows 培訓僅持續到 8 30 日。加入我們,為在您社區的醫療保健動態性貭做出重大貢獻的人,共同宣傳這個寶貴的機會。


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