For the first time since 1997, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) expanded its race and ethnicity standards to capture historically excluded communities who will now be visible in federal data collection. In the first of three briefings on health inequities sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, experts and advocates will explore how better data collection will help direct resources and interventions where they are needed most, especially to communities facing the greatest health challenges. The briefing will touch on what the updated race and ethnicity standards include; how OMB plans to engage with communities to ensure clarity and broad adoption; need for additional testing and research to implement the standards; what states are already implementing high standards.

自 1997 年以來,美國行政管理和預算局 (OMB) 首次擴大了其種族和民族標準,以涵蓋歷史上被排除在外的社區,這些社區現在將在聯邦數據收集中可見。在羅伯特·伍德·約翰遜基金會(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)贊助的三場關於健康不平等問題的簡報中的第一場中,專家和倡導者將探討更好的數據收集將如何幫助將資源和干預措施引導到最需要的地方,特別是面臨最大健康挑戰的社區。簡報將涉及更新後的種族和民族標準包括哪些內容; OMB 計劃如何與社區合作以確保清晰度和廣泛採用;需要額外的測試和研究來實施標準;哪些州已經實施了高標準。


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