AAPI, Black, and Latina/x women voters represent a powerful voting bloc, yet don’t feel that policymakers are prioritizing the issues that matter to them, according to the results of a new poll to be released May 9 by Intersections of Our Lives – a collective of three leading women of color-led reproductive justice organizations. This week, a panel of experts will discuss the poll’s findings, explore the front-burner issues for women of color voters, and discuss how candidates can effectively engage this critical voting bloc.

Intersections of Our Lives,一個由有色人種領導的生殖正義組織的三位主要女性組成的集體,於5 9 日發布的一項新民意調查結果顯示,亞太裔、黑人和拉丁裔/x 女性選民代表了一個強大的投票團體,但她們不認為政策制定者會優先考慮對她們來說重要的問題。本週,專家小組將討論民調的結果,探討有色人種女性選民面臨的首要問題,並討論候選人如何能有效地吸引這個關鍵性的投票團體。

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