Under Assembly Bill 2019, state agencies are mandated to develop an “economic equity first” action plan and policy to ensure the active participation and benefit of small businesses in the procurement process. This training session will cover crucial aspects of registering your ethnic media business under this law, ensuring your media outlet’s eligibility for state contracts. Learn more about the requirements, benefits and how we can assist you in navigating this process effectively. Your participation will help you understand the steps involved and ensure that your business is well positioned to seize the opportunities available.

根據 2019 年眾議院法案,加州機構被要求制定一個「經濟公平為首要」的行動計畫和政策,以確保小型企業在採購過程中的積極參與和受益。本培訓課程將涵蓋根據該法律註冊少數民族媒體業務的關鍵方面,確保您的媒體機構有資格獲得加州的合約。詳細了解要求、益處以及我們如何幫助您有效地完成此流程。您的參與將幫助您了解所涉及的步驟,並確保您的企業處於有利位置以抓住可用的機會。

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