57+ foundations have joined forces to launch Press Forward, the first national multi-year initiative that has already raised $500 million and aims to expand philanthropy’s role to support local journalism. On this conference call the director, Dale Robinson Anglin, and Christina Shih will talk about Press Forward’s goals, the first open call for proposals, and why ethnic media should consider applying.  The deadline for submission for the first round of grants is June 12. As Press Forward develops chapters around the country, it aims to raise the visibility of all local news outlets filling vital news holes for their communities so that they can attract local funding dollars.  If your news outlet doesn’t qualify for the first round of funding, you should consider creating a JustFund account to be searchable to funders.

超過 57 個基金會聯手發起了 Press Forward,這是第一個全國性的多年期倡議,已籌集了 5 億美元,旨在擴大慈善事業在支持當地新聞業方面的作用。在這次電話會議上,Dale Robinson Anglin Christina Shih 將討論 Press Forward 的目標、首次公開徵集提案,以及為什麼少數族裔媒體應考慮申請。提交第一輪撥款的截止日期是 6 12 日。如果您的新聞媒體沒有資格獲得第一輪資助,您應該考慮建立 JustFund 帳戶,以便資助者可以搜尋到。

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