As the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) transforms Medi-Cal, California is making the nation’s most ambitious effort to address social needs, like housing and at-home support, through health care. This multi-year initiative, which provides insurance for one in three — or 15 million — Californians, now includes social services geared to the health of people at risk of homelessness. These new programs go well beyond the doctor’s office, like homelessness prevention, housing transition and tenancy navigation, rent and deposit aid, post-hospitalization recuperative housing, sobering centers, day habilitation and street medicine.

At this briefing, DHCS leaders, community providers and health care workers will share how they’re using Medi-Cal to help Californians experiencing homelessness and housing instability lead healthier lives.

This is the second in a series of briefings exploring the dramatic Medi-Cal transformation underway.

隨著醫療保健服務部 (DHCS) 對加州醫療計劃進行改造,加州正在做出全國最雄心勃勃的努力,透過醫療保健滿足住房和家庭支持服務等社會需求。這項為期多年的計畫為三分之一(即 1500 萬)加州人提供保險,現在還包括針對可能面臨無家可歸者健康的社會服務。這些新計劃遠遠超出了醫生辦公室的範圍,例如預防無家可歸、住房過渡和租賃輔導、租金和押金援助、出院後康復住房、清醒中心、日間康復和街頭醫療。

在本次簡報會上,DHCS 領導人、社區提供者和醫護人員將分享他們如何利用 Medi-Cal 幫助無家可歸和住房不穩定的加州人過上更健康的生活。

這是探索正在進行的 Medi-Cal 戲劇性變革的系列簡報中的第二篇


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