The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is transforming Medi-Cal so Californians can get the care they need to live healthier lives. Medi-Cal members now have access to new and improved benefits and services that go beyond the doctor’s office or hospital and address their medical and health-related social needs. For example, Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is a new benefit that provides person centered care management to members with the most complex needs. Community Supports aim to  improve Medi-Cal members’ overall health and well-being by addressing both medical and social factors that can impact a person’s health through programs like housing supports, home accessibility modifications, in-home care, sobering centers, asthma remediation and medically tailored nutritious meals. New utilization data can be found HERE.

At this briefing, DHCS leadership will discuss the Medi-Cal transformation and the multi- year initiative to create a coordinated. enhanced and equitable system of care. Additionally, Medi-Cal community providers and health care workers will share what EMC, Community Supports, and bridging the health information gap on the ground.

This is the first in a series of briefings that will explore the dramatic Medi-Cal transformation underway.

醫療保健服務部 (DHCS) 正在改革 Medi-CalMedi-Cal 健康保險(白卡),以便加州人能夠獲得他們需要的護理,過上更健康的生活。 Medi-Cal 會員現在可以獲得新的和改進的福利和服務,這些福利和服務超出了醫生辦公室或醫院的範圍,可以滿足他們的醫療和與健康相關的社會需求。例如,增強型護理管理 (ECM) 是一項新福利,可為具有最複雜需求的會員提供以人為本的護理管理。社區支持旨在改善 Medi-Cal 會員的整體健康和福祉,透過住房支持、家庭無障礙改造、家庭護理、清醒中心、哮喘治療和醫學上定制的營養餐。新的利用率數據可以在這裡找到。

在本次通報會上,DHCS 領導階層將討論 Medi-Cal 轉型以及創建協調性的多年計畫。強化和公平的照護系統。此外,Medi-Cal 社區提供者和醫護人員將分享 EMC、社區支持的內容,並縮小當地的健康資訊差距。

這是一系列簡報中的第一篇,將探討正在進行的巨大的 Medi-Cal 健康保險(轉型。


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