The tax filing season is in full swing. Learn about Direct File, a new tax filing service available in 12 states that is helping people save time and money by filing their taxes online, for free, directly with the IRS. Get latest updates on Taxpayer Assistance Centers extended hours, unclaimed refunds, filing deadline, other options to file like Free File, and Where’s My Refund. Ask all the questions you think your audience needs to know.

報稅季節如火如荼地進行。了解 Direct File,這是一項在 12 個州推出的新報稅服務,透過直接向 IRS 免費線上報稅,幫助人們節省時間和金錢。取得納稅人援助中心延長營業時間、無人認領的退款、提交截止日期、其他提交選項(如免費提交和我的退款在哪裡)的最新更新。提出你認為你的聽眾需要知道的所有問題。


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